Dynamic Services fit for a Dynamic Digital World


As the digital marketing scene is constantly evolving, Expanent’s arsenal of services are built to equip you with the needed tools to help your business flourish. Hence, with our marketing solutions, you easily gain access to countless opportunities for growth and rapid advancement.

Affiliate Introduction

We Form Long-Term Partnerships

We offer an extensive introduction into the world of Affiliate Marketing, which has the key aim to expand your expertise in the area, as building and managing your affiliate partner network is a highly important skill in the dynamic digital marketing scene.

Therefore, Expanent’s team will carefully present you with knowledge on how to set up and integrate your business to well-performing affiliate programs, as well as equipping you with the tools needed to establish a partner database.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Expanent offers its business partners effective and strategically planned digital marketing campaigns, which are one of the most successful pathways to reaching potential customers and your target audience. However, for a campaign to work efficiently, it is of great importance to thoroughly plan, analyze, and manage your digital marketing campaigns.

Expanent provides its business partners with:

Strategic, thorough planning​

Expanent provides an efficiently organised, well-thought out planning process, which aims to ensure the smooth execution of campaign initiatives. This process includes of the careful outlining of concrete goals, targeting customers, and establishing campaign lengths.

Fast development process

Our team of creatives will assist you in determining a strategy which will lay out your company’s main messaging and target keywords, overseeing the whole process of audience reach.


After each project, Expanent’s team will precisely determine its success and value, so that it can be analyzed whether the specific marketing initiative should be discontinued or not, and what proved to be a successful tactic.

Technological Solutions

Marketing Research

Our creative team will research and identify the key factors which would increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies. Our professionals are fully trained in the art of building rapport and establishing trust with prospects. Furthermore, they will create effective telemarketing campaign strategies which would go hand in hand with your company’s growth goals.

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